Welcome to Frankie connects dots where all my passions meet and connect. I’m Elke, a.k.a. Frankie. My journey so far has taken me from being a professional dancer to a fitness trainer and master herbalist. Although I live in the city, I adore being in nature; it’s something I couldn’t live without. I have learned that one of my natural talents is connecting with people. My aim is to assist you in reconnecting with nature and to connect more with your body. I organise small-group workshops on a variety of themes and hope to welcome you to one of them. Let’s get creative, connecting head, heart and hands.  

The Frankie manifesto

Be a maker,
in Rain and Sunshine ☀️
Read and be Idle
Love Plants & Herbs🌿
Dance and Smile
Laugh & Cry
Enjoy the company of Cats and Dogs
☕️ When needed, have a cup of Tea
Enjoy small Treasures & Big Pleasures
Listen to the Birds🐦
Be Bold, yet Humble
Love your body
🍏Eat well and “planty”
Lift weights, do squats, go on walks
Feel the wind
Empower and Heal yourself
Breathe & Stretch
Be kind ❤️
Connect head, heart and hands



P.S. Plant a tree 🌳